About Us

The Mattei Family has been making homemade pizza for generations. We originated in the mountain area known as Molise, Italy from a small town called Monteroduni. There our family’s mason hand built a pizza oven in the basement of our family home which still exists today. We have brought that same tradition of using the freshest ingredients from farm to table to bring you a unique pizza experience.

Mattei Family Pizza invites you to our table to enjoy the very same pizza that we have been sharing with our family and friends since settling in America in 1955. Come, relax, enjoy our pizza that we take pride in serving you.

We believe in exceptional food, impeccable service in a clean and friendly environment.

We strive to bring you quality pizza authentic to our Italian Molise region of Italy as we have been making it for generations for our family. We use quality ingredients from both locally and imported.